Dentures and Partials

Dentures and Partials | Fort Worth Dentist | Thomas L. Phillips Jr., DDS

For patients missing teeth especially front teeth or visible teeth can result in a change in their quality of life. From eating your favorite foods, to smiling with friends. Dr. Phillips is here to help you restore your confidence, smile and quality of life again with dental treatments including partials, dentures, or an implant supported dentures in our Fort Worth office.


These are used to fill in gaps following the loss of a tooth or several missing consecutive teeth. A partial also helps your other teeth from shifting if not replaced. Therefore, making it much harder to chew your food properly. This partial is removable and is held in place by clasp anchored by the existing healthy teeth. You can invest in your self-esteem with a custom fit partial. Call Dr. Phillips’ Fort Worth office.

Full Dentures

Dentures are used when you are replacing all of your teeth. These are made out of colored acrylic materials.

Dental Implant Retained Dentures

Dental Implant Dentures offers more stability and longevity options. Another more permanent hybrid denture is called an all-on-4 which is a screwed in appliance that can only be removed by Dr. Phillips. Call our Fort Worth office for a denture consultation.