How We Are Different

Friendly, High-Quality Service from the Dental Team You Can Trust

We love what we do and we are here to serve our patients with the best professional dental care and treatments available. We put your dental needs first. Our staff are highly trained, professional and are very skilled. We provide each patient a positive energetic fun and comfortable experience. Please contact Dr. Phillips’ office for a great dental experience.

Our Technology

The technology in Dentistry is always progressing, changing and adding new improved tools. Dr. Phillips and his staff provide comfortable care and services that benefit every patient. They use Intraooral cameras, digital x-rays, Diagnodent cavity detection system, and ultrasonic scalers are used to mention a few.

Dr. Phillips offers LBR, which stands for Laser Bacterial Reduction. This treatment is the most effective method of reducing the bacteria that lives in the pockets around your teeth. Through the use of the Gemini Diode Laser, This minimally invasive approach offers increased precision, faster healing, and a more comfortable experience. We utilize the leading-edge Gemini soft tissue laser by Ultradent to perform various procedures with exceptional results.

If you’re looking for a State-of-the-Art practice, call us for a visit in Fort Worth, Texas.

Expert Dental Team | Fort Worth Dentist | Thomas L. Phillips Jr., DDS

Our Patient Care

Dr. Phillips is a highly talented restorative dentist. He is a 3rd generation dentist with over 95 years of family dentistry. We are very proud of the wonderful combination of our highly trained dental staff that continues to stay updated with the newest, latest and best materials for our patients care and dental needs. We build relationships for life.

Quality Dental Treatment Is Within Your Reach

Your dental needs are our highest priority! Your dental smile deserves the best possible care for your life long good health will be within your reach.

Dr. Phillips provides in office discounted membership plans. He also provides Care Credit which is a financing service for patients to make monthly payments. We also welcome all credit cards. Dr. Phillips also offers free consultations for second opinions. We can meet your dental needs, give our Fort Worth, Texas office a call.