Tooth Extractions | Fort Worth Dentist | Thomas L. Phillips Jr., DDS

Most patients and dentist agree on #1 priority is to save all our natural teeth. Although as hard as it is to lose one, that maybe the only choice is an extraction. Due to infection, abscess, bone loss or broken down so bad it can’t be saved by a root canal. If a patient needs a partial or denture an extraction may be necessary to be replaced with a dental implant.

Dr. Phillips does most extractions in his Fort Worth office. He does have another dentist that does complicated cases for patients that want to be sedated (IV) while the extractions are being done. Mostly difficult wisdom teeth.

We also offer Nitrous Oxide in our Fort Worth office for any procedures for your stress free experience.

The thought of having a tooth or teeth extracted may sound extremely unpleasant, the fact is that modern dentistry has made this procedure less painless during and after an extraction. Of course all patients are different. Dr. Phillips is available if any follow ups are needed in his Fort Worth office.